Announcing The Journey of the Heart Workshop

Dear Readers.

This week I am stepping outside the frame I have created for this blog to write to you directly. Let me begin by taking a moment to thank you all for your loyal interest in my weekly posts. Thank you too for all of your posted and private comments. It has been a source of inspiration and a privilege to engage in this dialogue with you. I look forward to continuing it in the many months ahead.

At this time, I would like to invite you to take a personal journey of self-exploration with me in an 8-week workshop for women I will be offering in Los Angeles on Thursday nights beginning on April 7th. The workshop is organized loosely around the experiences I have had and written about in this blog. In this intimate workshop we will use art, breath, movement, guided imagery, writing, ritual, story telling and discussion to discover and connect to the ancient language of women. We will learn to open our hearts and listen to the messages we receive from dreams, animals, nature, and our surrounding; we will explore our relationship to the feminine; we will uncover what we have inherited and taken on unconsciously from our ancestor; and we will celebrate our relationship to ourselves through self focused consideration, compassion, and care. In the final week we will identify and embrace our personal gifts and create a ritual to honor all that we have accomplished.

I welcome you to join me on this playful and reverent adventure into the mystery. For information about location, cost, time and to receive a more detailed class description, please contact me at If you know of other women who might be interested in the Journey of the Heart Workshop, please forward this notice on to them.

With deep appreciation, I look forward to our journey ahead,


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